Ownership at Breezy Point

You can own the Lake Superior experience. The views, sounds, smells. The feel. The ancient attraction to fresh water. You can own this.

The cabins at Breezy Point are carefully remodeled and rebuilt in the spirit of their original design, perched on the rock as observatories to the greatest lake on the planet. You can own this. Breezy Point can be your breezy point. Family. Friends. Bonfires. Sunrises. Traditions. Stories. Memories. Laughter. Late night conversations, waves on the rocks, punctuating.

Twelve cabins are offered in quarter shares. Forty-eight individuals will own this beautiful, amazing, epic experience. Learn about the benefits of owning at Breezy Point below. Contact us to request a showing. 

Cabin interior

Living Room

Rental Revenue Potential

The rental management program is an excellent revenue generating option for owners at all Odyssey Resorts, including Breezy Point Cabins on Lake Superior.

Owners collect 50% of all rental revenue generated during their allotted fractional share calendar. The entire property—grounds and cabins—is expertly managed, maintained and marketed for the dual benefit of maximum revenue generation for owners and maximum appreciation of property value.


Beyond revenue generation, among the primary values of the fractional ownership model is the fact that your ownership experience is structured to guarantee maximum use and enjoyment of the setting with zero concern about ongoing maintenance of the grounds or facilities. Our housekeeping and maintenance staff will have your cabin ready to

welcome you upon arrival. No grass mowing. No snow shoveling. No painting, pounding, sawing or drilling. Just look at the lake. Own the experience.

Breezy Point Cabins



Breezy Point Cabins on Lake Superior is located approximately four miles south of Two Harbors, Minnesota on the stunning North Shore of Lake Superior.

Reputable Builder / Long-term Management

The reputation of Odyssey Development goes back 25 years and spans multi resort properties including four under its current management model. That is the single biggest point of difference – what has been built by Odyssey Development is still managed by Odyssey.  The design and construction are built to last, as are our relationships with guests and owners alike.

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