North Shore Spring Break Pro-Tip #3:
Experience the Lake

School is stressful. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or faculty member you’re probably thinking, “I need a break”. Thankfully, we have this special lake in our home state called Lake Superior that happens to cause something called “Lake Effect”. Common side effects are total relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection on the amazing experience you had while visiting the great Lake Superior.

Don’t worry we’ll put you right on water’s edge in our perfectly appointed cabins. Here are a few of our favorite ways to experience the lake.

Stay In, Watch the Great Lake they call Gitche Gumee

Wake up with a spectacular view, watch the sun move slowly across the sky. You don’t have to be anywhere.
Smile you made it to the North Shore :)

Don’t be surprised if all you want to do while you are here is to stay in your cozy cabin and watch the lake. After all, it is the #1 attraction for a multitude of reasons. In fact, you might as well let us know your favorite cheese assortment and wine choices and we’ll have the cabin stocked so you have everything you need for a relaxing stay.

Explore the Shore, find Ice Formations & Sculptures

Be on the hunt for natural ice sculptures, stack ice, splash ice, and pressure ridges.  They’re picture worthy, to say the least, and if you share your photos with us we might even feature you on our Facebook or Instagram account.

Start with exploring these ice formation hot spots!

Most Photos are by Dennis O’Hara – North Images Photography 

Be a Good Listener, the Lake may be telling you something

Water gets cold… really cold on Lake Superior. Add in some strong winds and you have quite the collision on the shoreline. Come hear it for yourself, it’s way better in person!

Full Moon / New Moon Lake Reflection

You’re in luck, the full worm moon will appear around March 20th. This moon is special for many reasons but one in particular. It rises on the same day as the vernal equinox – making the start of SPRING! It is also the final supermoon of 2019. You better find somewhere special to watch it, perhaps the North Shore.

The new moon is nothing to overlook, especially if you’re interested in spectacular north shore star gazing. The milky way is often visible during the new moon phases at Breezy because we are isolated from any major light pollution.

Split Rock Lighthouse Photos by Dennis O’Hara – North Images Photography 

Your Moon Photo Could Win You a Vacation!

Send in your best moon or star photo for a chance to win a trip back to the North Shore. Winner will get a 2-night midweek stay at any of the Odyssey Resorts. Learn more about how to take night sky photography and details about the contest here – Shooting the Moon – A Guide to Lake Superior Full Moon Photography 

Photo Contest – Win a Vacation

March Full & New Moon Dates

March 6 – New Moon Begins

March 20 – Full Worm Moon

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