A Dog Vacation: Dog Walk the Two Harbors Trail


Staying at the dog-friendly cabins at Breezy Point on Lake Superior gives you a chance to hang out with your best friend, while experiencing a great change of scenery. Back home you may have a chosen dog-walking path that is long enough to take care of business, but has grown old and boring. Maybe your dog gets tired of the old routine too. Near Breezy Point in Two Harbors, there is a path to walk your dog that is like going on several different walks at once.

You can start on the Two Harbors Trail by the display train. The lake is ahead and to the right is the heavy industry of the dock. On the left are the remains of concrete structures, left over from an earlier time. As you walk on the dirt road there is brush and tall grass on both sides.

Maybe you will let your dog sniff in the bush as you look through the partial concrete wall, and imagine what it was like when Whiskey Row was here. Maybe you will sit on the park bench, under the birch tree by the harbor, and look at the lighthouse in the distance. Maybe your dog will bark at pleasure boats coming into dock.

After the road, the trail becomes paved and the woods begin. The woods are not very thick, making it easy to find grassy spots between the birches and pines. To the left, the trees thin out eventually. To the right things open up and the land sinks to allow easy access to the lake.

Here is an easily accessible gentle beach where you can let your dog splash in the water or try to climb the rocky hill.  Once back on the path, there is a grassy field to the left.

This field is a thick carpet of shorter grass with islands of taller grass-like plants. Here is an area where you might get away with letting your pet run off the leash, if no one is around. A tranquil neighborhood of modest homes looks down on this field, where kids probably play hide and seek and set up their forts behind some of the tall plants.

When the neighborhood grows closer, you might want to take a detour through it. It might make you feel like you are in a scene from “Leave it to Beaver” where you are walking your faithful pup through a small town neighborhood, and stopping to let people pet your dog.

Further up the path you will find Lake County Memorial Forest. The plaque by the gate explains how trees were planted here in honor of veterans of various wars.

It is a peaceful park with beds of green pine needles lying on green grass. You feel like you are deep within a forest, at the same time you are looking down a sheer cliff into the blue water.

Now is a good time to make sure the leash is on. You can hold it tightly as you rest on the bench on the cliff, above the waters of Lake Superior. This spot looks a little different than the last bench you rested on. Both had the lake but this one is more natural, on the less-built-up Burlington Bay.

At both places you can sit with your best friend, as he pants and you both look out over the water.