Breezy Point Cabins

North Shore Spring Break Pro Tip: #3

North Shore Spring Break Pro-Tip #3: Experience the Lake School is stressful. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or faculty member you’re probably thinking, “I need a break”. Thankfully, we have this special lake in our home state called Lake Superior that happens to cause something called “Lake Effect”. Common side effects are total relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection on the amazing experience you had while visiting the great Lake Superior. Don’t…

Two Harbors Curling Club

The main attraction at Breezy Point is the North Shore's breath-taking beauty and scenery. It is there, right outside your window. While here though, you will probably want to see some of the local activities as well. What better way to experience a town or region than to watch locals participate in one of their favorite pastimes? In the winter it is fun to watch curling in Two Harbors. "It is just a fun sport", said Leon Pitzen at the Two Harbors Curling Club. "Our club here is kind of like a…

Breezy Cabin on Lake Superior

Fractional Ownership at Breezy Point

Buying a vacation home outright is a risky proposition. Besides the large price tag, there are two questions. One is “is it worth it to buy a whole cabin that we’ll only use a few weeks a year?” and the other is “how much maintenance are we going to have to do?” Purchasing a fractional share at Breezy Point Cabins on Lake Superior is a way to completely own a cabin for just part of the year. It gives you a front row seat to Lake Superior and a chance to offset some ownership costs by renting…

Top 8 North Shore Motorcycle Destinations

Top 8 North Shore Motorcycle Destinations The website Motorcycle Roads rates routes across the country, and the Incredible North Shore Tour was rated number one in Minnesota. Those of us who spend a lot of time on the North Shore are not surprised. Between the soaring cliffs, smoked fish shops, unique artwork, and tree-lined winding beaches, it’s no wonder the North Shore beat out 20 other routes throughout the state. Directions are simple, as you simply start in Duluth and take Highway 61…

1930s Heritage with a Modern Twist

The 1930s was an interesting time in Minnesota. It was the era of Prohibition and the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps and hard working farmers doing their best to get by. It was a time where men wore hats and lumberjacks and miners were still making camp in the north woods. This is the era when Breezy Point resort was first built. Just a few steps from Lake Superior (far closer than modern construction would allow), the cabins occupied a stunning rock perch above the raging…


Breezy Point Cabins Featured on WDIO

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May 18 Update

The cabins are coming along nicely! New paint this week and the interiors are finished. The next steps are moving in furniture and landscaping. We’ll add pictures as more work is completed.  …

Cabin 6

April 8 Update

All interior updates are near completion and the new construction on cabins 1, 5, and 6 is looking great! Cabin 1 Cabin 1 Cabin 5 Cabin 5 Cabin 6 Cabin 6

Breezy Point Living Room

Model Cabin Completed!

We are happy to announce that our model cabin, Cabin #2, is now open! Contact Lavonne Christensen to request a showing. (612) 867-2943 cell [email protected]