Breezy Point CabinsHistory of Fractional or Shared Vacation Home Ownership

Although this concept may be new to some, many luxury markets have been taking advantage of “fractional” or “shared” ownership for years. Owners of private jets, yachts and exotic cars realized long ago that it did not make economic sense to own these assets outright when you only use them a “fraction” of the year.

The practice of “sharing” ownership costs between non-related parties was started in Europe and first reported in the 1960’s.  The practice was introduced in the United States in Park City, Utah in 1996 and the category has experienced significant growth every year since.


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Clarification of “Fractional” or “Shared” Vacation Home Ownership vs. Timeshare

The terms “fractional” and “shared” as they relate to vacation home ownership are used interchangeably.  Simply stated, fractional/shared ownership is the legal division of any asset into multiple shares or portions. If the asset is real estate property, it is the title or deed that is spit into shares. Any appreciation of the asset belongs to the owner. The owner has the ability to sell or put the property in trust, just as with a primary residence.

A “timeshare” on the other hand, is a totally different concept and not interchangeable with either “fractional” or “shared”.  With a timeshare, rather than buying a share of property represented by the title or deed, you typically are buying units of time.


Fractional Split

Breezy Point offers quarter-share ownership.  Some owners choose to purchase multiple shares of the same unit. For instance, some owners consider 2 quarters as a better match for their budget and use needs.


What is Included in a Shared Owner Vacation Home Purchase?

At Breezy, as true at almost all Shared projects, It includes a deeded property. Your type of ownership will determine the amount of access and usage you have as an owner. Each owner has a long-range calendar that rotates weeks, so that over time, you have access to prime seasons and holidays in an equitable spit with other owners. This is how all Odyssey Vacation Home Ownership is handled.

The calendar and all inclusions offered by Odyssey Development can be discussed with our Real Estate Representative.


Lifestyle Considerations for Fractional Owners

At Odyssey Resorts, we understand the majority of our shared property owners have purchased more than a vacation home, they have bought a certain lifestyle that allows carefree vacation getaways. They chose a resort setting because they want a home away from home where they can bring family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves.

Odyssey Resorts deliver a lifestyle experience for today’s family who wants to enjoy the great outdoors but in the great comforts of their own home, without maintenance, upkeep or worry.


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Odyssey Development Leads the Shared Ownership Trend in Minnesota

Odyssey Development, represented by Odyssey Real Estate Group, introduced Shared Vacation Home Ownership on the North Shore of Lake Superior in 2005 at Larsmont Cottages.  This full-service family resort was designed with today’s life style in mind: upscale, fully furnished, convenient maintenance and housekeeping services, in two and three bedroom cottages that feature a unique “lock-out” floor plan for versatile owner use and rental income opportunities.  Sales of the 40 units, sold in quarter-share “fractions”, were widely accepted and sold out very quickly.

The next grand opening of newly constructed shared ownership vacation homes was in May 2007 at Trapper’s Landing Lodge on Leech Lake in Walker, Minnesota.  Sitting on a property formerly known as Merit Lodge and once owned by Huddle’s Resort, Trapper’s Landing Lodge features a full-service marina offering boat slips to owners along with boat rental and water sports activities.

Grand Superior Lodge Lake Homes North near Gooseberry Falls State Park on Lake Superior’s North Shore is the newest Odyssey Resort to offer Fractional Minnesota Lake Homes. This shared owner resort property has only four three-bedroom lake homes, all with authentic log home construction. Offered in both quarter-share and sixth-share units, this new lake shore property sits on 1500 feet of shoreline that is shared with Grand Superior Lodge on Lake Superior.